Operations at http://4221117.shop53.dandomain.dk/admin/WEBAPI/Endpoints/v1_0/ProductDataService

This page describes the service operations at this endpoint.

Uri Method Description
/{key} POST Create a product
/{key}/{*id} GET Get DataProduct by id
PUT Update a product
DELETE Delete dataproduct
/{key}/{productNumber} PATCH Patches a given product
/{key}/{productNumber}/Prices POST Creates a new price for a product
DELETE Deletes a specific price for a product
/{key}/{productNumber}/Prices/List POST Gets a list of prices for a given product
/{key}/{siteid}/Products/{productNumber}/Settings PATCH Patches settings for a given site
/{key}/ByBarcode/{barcode} GET Get all dataproducts by barcode
/{key}/ByModificationDate/{modificationDate} GET Get all dataproducts by modification date
/{key}/Categories GET Get top level datacategories
/{key}/Categories/{categoryNumber} GET Get all datacategory sub-categories in product category
/{key}/Category POST Create a category
PUT Update a category
/{key}/Category/{number} DELETE Delete category
GET Get a category by number
/{key}/CountByModifiedInterval GET Count number of dataproducts by modified time. Timeformat: yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss
/{key}/GetByModifiedInterval GET Get all dataproducts by by modified time. Timeformat: yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss. Pageindex starts at 1. If not supplied, pageindex will default to 1. If not supplied pagesize will default to 500. Max pagesize is 500
/{key}/ProductCount GET Get total dataproduct count
/{key}/ProductPage/{pageIndex}/{pageSize} GET Get dataproduct page
/{key}/ProductPageCount/{pageSize} GET Get dataproduct page count based on pagesize
/{key}/SetStockCount/{productNumber}/{stockCount} PUT Update stockcount for product with productnumber
/Products/{key}/{categoryNumber} GET Get all dataproduct in category