Operations at http://4221117.shop53.dandomain.dk/admin/WEBAPI/Endpoints/v1_0/OrderService

This page describes the service operations at this endpoint.

Uri Method Description
/{key} POST Create order
/{key}/{id} GET Get Order by Id
/{key}/{orderId} DELETE Delete an order
/{key}/CompleteOrder/{orderId} PUT Complete an order. Sets the orders status to completed
/{key}/CountByModifiedInterval GET Count number of orders by modified time. Timeformat: yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss
/{key}/GetByCustomerNumber/{customernumber} GET Get a list of orders by customer number.
/{key}/GetByDateInterval GET Get a list of orders by createddate.
/{key}/GetByModifiedInterval GET Get a list of orders by modifiedtime. Timeformat: yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss. Pageindex starts at 1. If not supplied, pageindex will default to 1. If not supplied pagesize will default to 500. Max pagesize is 500. Allowed sortBy options: 'orderId'(default), 'modifiedDate'. Allowed sortOrder options: 'asc'(default), 'desc'
/{key}/OrderStates GET Get a list of all orderstates
/{key}/SetOrderComment/{orderId} PUT Sets ordercomment on order
/{key}/SetOrderState/{orderId}/{orderStateId} PUT Sets the orders state to to a given orderstate
/{key}/SetTrackNumber/{orderId} PUT Sets tracknumber on order